Stomach 36 Zu San Li   (Leg Three Mile) 

Zu San Li is located just below the knee, in the flesh just to the outside of the shin-bone, and is very easy to locate. The official location of ST36 (Leg Three Li) is: three cun below the lower border of the patella (the depression just lateral to the patellar tendon), one finger-breadth lateral to the anterior crest of the tibia.
Zu San Li is one of the most famous and widely used points  of all acupuncture points. This acupoint is truly the “rock-star” of the pathway systems.  Zu San Li the 36th point on the Stomach meridian. The translation means leg three mile. It is said that  its name was derived from the legend according to which a weary traveler (during the time when travel was predominantly on foot) who would stimulated Zu San Li  and proceed to become energized enough to be able easily to journey an additional three miles.


Zu San Li is the single best acupoint that will rectify any deficient state. Traditionally, ST 36 benefits the ST/SP, tonifies Qi and blood, regulates ying and wei Qi, regulates the intestines, regulates the reproductive system, one of few points that builds qi and blood, major point for building wei qi (Immune System), and is considered a major point for digestion.



Abdominal Distention • Abdominal Pain • Allergies • Asthma • Borborygmus • Chest Pain • Constipation • Cough • Diarrhea • Digestive Disturbances • Dizziness • Dysuria • Edema • Edema Lower Body • Fever • Gastrointestinal Disorders • Hemiplegia • Hiccough • Hypertension • Indigestion • Intestinal Disorders • Jaundice • Knee Disorders • Leg Pain • Mastitis • Mental Disorders • Nausea • Neurasthenia • Pancreatitis • Paralysis Due To Wind Stoke • Reproductive System Disorders • Seizures • Shock • Stomach Pain • Tibial Bone Pain • Ulcer Gastric • Vomiting • Weakness General

Traditional Chinese Function:

Harmonizes The Stomach
Regulates the Spleen
Supports the Correct Qi
Regulates Qi
Cools Fire
Activates the Channel
Revives the Yang
Revives Consciousness
Drains Damp
Calms the Spirit
Nourishes Blood
Nourishes Yin
Strengthens Original Qi
Alleviates Pain
Builds qi and blood; builds wei qi; digestive problems; regulates the intestines; with BL-20 to build SP qi; BL-23 to build Ki qi

Acupuncture Technique:

Needling Depth 0.5 to 1.5 cun

Needling Angle - Puncture Perpendicularly

Moxibustion is applicable