Mind Body Exercise

The word “qigong” is pronounced as CHEE-Kung. It is a combination of "qi", which is energy, and "gong", meaning exercise. The origins of Health Qigong can be found as far back as the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). Qigong is both a physical and energetic form of bodywork and mind-body centering. It is aimed at strengthening and maintaining one's body, not only its muscles, but also the tendons, internal organs, and general flow of “qi” through the main meridians. It involves the coordination of specific postures and motions that bring a stronger connection between the mind and body. It also focuses on developing and balancing Chi (Qi), the inherent energy of the Chinese acupuncture system. Soft partner drills that bridge the Chi meridians of individuals harmonize and cultivate a greater awareness of the receiving and delivering flow of energy.

Master A.O Ichiba Acupuncture Center's Qi Gong and Tai Chi Instructor
Qi Gong unifies body movements, rhythms of breathing, and Chinese medical principles to exercise and regulate one’s body, breath, and mind.

Qigong unifies the traditional internal principles of body alignment with a philosophy that embodies the inherent connection between ourselves and the environment around us. It encompasses a vision of oneness in which each person is seen as part of a whole and directs a return to our natural and more innate sense of living.

Master A.O. Ichiba is considered a master level Tai chi Chuan and Qi Gong practioner.

He holds classes twice a month for the Acupuncture Center.

Qi Gong
Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan translates as Grand Ultimate Fist.  It sounds fierce, and it can be, but it is perhaps best known for it graceful, slow movements, and its benefits for improving health.  There are several styles of Tai Chi.


Once you begin moving, the whole body is light and limber.  In Tai Chi practice, the entire body coordinates into one synchronous unit.  When you begin to move, the movements are similar to the universe as it moves and exercises its influence in a coordinated manner.  As long as the Earth and the other planets revolve and rotate around the Sun in their specific ways, all is in harmony.


Tai -Chi was created as a system of mental and physical discipline which we can understand and follow, and which is based on universal principals of balance and harmony.  The body must be coordinated, relaxed, comfortable, peaceful, and mentally alert.  In this way you will be able to maneuver the body in any direction, at will.  This will eventually lead to building the fire of internal energy and the process of internal power projection.


The internal energy should be extended, vibrating like the beat of a drum.  The tai chi meditative movements must be very smooth and even, just as if you were trying to draw a perfect circle without the aid of an instrument

A.O. Ichiba is a sifu "master" in Karate-Do, Tai Chi Chuan, and medical Qi Gong. Sifu Ichiba is a published author, martial arts actor and consultant (Kick Me most recent film), and educator/instructor. He holds seminars around the midwest sharing his lifes work. The Acupuncture Center is very proud and honored to have Sifu Ichiba as a part of our staff/family.
Master A.O. Ichiba (A.O. Mercado)